Fresh Stikine Spring Salmon – Trace It!

A fresh shipment of Stikine Spring Salmon is here. Trace this fish to where it was caught by using Trace It on our home page and entering code SS71C2144(code is case sensitive). Get about information the fish, who caught it, the area it was caught in, and the fishing method used.

The Stikines, the first Spring salmon of the year, are great for the BBQ. Consider this great fish for your entertaining menu. Food service customers please place orders with your rep. Retail customers, visit a 7seas retail location nearest you.

What sets Stikine Spring salmon apart from other spring salmon? These Springs come from the Stikine River, approximately 610 km long, located in northwest British Columbia. The length of the river is greatly beneficial to the salmon’s quality. All wild salmon stop feeding when they enter their native freshwater, and build up fats and oils beforehand to sustain them through this period.

Stikine salmon build up a much higher fat and oil content in anticipation of the longer fast. This translates into a fish with enhanced flavour and texture, and a superior fish on your tables. Their red meat, high oil and fat content and superior texture make Stikine salmon a highly regarded product among discerning customers.

7 seas is pleased to offer Stikine Spring salmon, a fish who’s habitat is carefully controlled for sustainability and environmental well-being. Additionally, Stikine Spring salmon are wild, and the harvesting techniques present an attractive alternative to other wild salmon that may be harvested in a more aggressive manner that can be damaging to the fish’s appearance and quality. For more on the harvesting and processing please go here.

With controlled harvesting and efficient transportation & distribution channels, Stikine spring salmon can be served in Seattle or Vancouver from live in as little as 48 hours with air freighted product.

Keep an eye out for some recipes coming soon. Also, for more on the Stikine salmon story go here.