Job Posting – Jr. Purchaser

Position Title:    Jr. Purchaser

Reports To:       VP Procurement

Overview of Responsibilities

With guidance from the VP Procurement, the Jr. Purchaser shall source and purchase assigned products by developing and implementing sourcing strategies to optimize sales and profit performance, based on the concept of lowest Total Procurement Cost, in order to provide high service performance for our customers balanced with cost effective inventory management practices.

The responsibilities of this position align with and support the company’s Mission and Values, and its business objective to grow sales and profitability by providing professional, high quality products and services to our customers.

Food safety is critical to the success of 7 Seas. The incumbent is responsible to adopt and carry out the food safety practices of the company and to report any food safety issues to his/her immediate supervisor.

Specific Responsibilities/Accountabilities 


    Build and maintain positive relations with supply partners.

  • Source assigned products to meet company needs based on Total Procurement Cost. (landed cost, costs related to non-compliance on quality, service, inventory carrying costs).
  • Negotiate with supply partners to reduce Total Procurement Cost, with a focus on win/win solutions. .
  • Place orders with assigned supply partners.
  • Monitor supplier performance with KPI’s for quality, delivery, service performance, invoice accuracy, and implement corrective action as required.
  • With support from Logistics, ensure inventory for assigned products is adequate to meet service level requirements, adjusted as required to meet sales trends and changes to supplier lead time.
  • Maintain and update cost and pricing for assigned products.
  • Monitor margin exceptions and initiate corrective action as required.
  • Monitor aged inventory and initiate corrective action as required.
  • Define and recommend alternative sourcing solutions to reduce Total Procurement Cost.
  • Develop and implement sourcing strategies to add or eliminate a supplier, based on market demand and/or performance issues with incumbent suppliers.
  • Resolve disputes and claims with assigned suppliers.
  • Keep all supplier programs current and accurate.
  • Ensure continuous communication with Sales team related to market trends, cost/price, and supply/demand.
  • Ensure supplier compliance with industry/company accreditation and safety requirements
  • For assigned import products, comply with all import and brokerage requirements, including CFIA documentation.
  • Keep abreast of new trends and regulations, as these impact on sourcing strategies
  • Participate in company strategy and planning discussions.
  • Comply with all Company Policies and Procedures
  • In an effort to ensure the continuity of 7 Seas food safety programs, the incumbent shall ensure that, in his/her absence, these responsibilities are covered by a co-worker.


  • A basic understanding & experience of purchasing strategies and inventory management.
  • Demonstrated performance with cost saving initiatives.
  • Basic knowledge of purchase order systems and related software.
  • Basic understanding of the principles of vendor management.


  • Detail oriented and results driven.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and high energy.
  • Resourceful and well organized.
  • Self starter
  • Strong negotiator & persuasive communicator


All interested applicants need to provide a resume and CV to:

Nick Heras