Our Fishing Practices are Reflected Upon Our Sustainability Commitments
Sustainability is a major concern at 7 Seas and we continue to identify and offer sustainable products that are attractive to consumers while supporting healthier oceans. By doing this, we can preserve seafood for future generations. We are engaged and active with interest groups such as: Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and MSC, all of whom are associated with sustainability and education.


Fishing Locations

A bordo del Beti San Luis

Seven Seas has worked for over 40 years to find the best the world has to offer. Check out the interactive map that shows where your favourite seafoods are caught, and details about the fish themselves!

Supply Chain

BANGKOK THAILAND - June3 :commercial ship loading container in bangkok port on June3, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand

Every year the world gets a little bit smaller. With such a diverse products the World has to offer Seven Seas has found and developed relationships with everyone in the supply chain to fly or ship product in from all parts of the globe. We have done this for our customers to provide them with greater accessibility to the World’s goodies.

Food Safety


Food safety is paramount when selling food products to the public. Seven Seas performs self audits and monitors our food safety program rigorously. We constantly pass and exceed on external and internal food safety audits.



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Seven Seas is very passionate about providing seafood that future generations can enjoy. We constantly scour the globe to find fisheries that are sustainably managed.


Dogtooth tuna in water of Indian ocean, Maldives

Seven seas is excited about our traceability program. Although in its infancy, we are attempting to roll out a program where you can see where your fish was caught and by which boat. We feel the value in showing you where your food comes from can only benefit the long term success of fisheries we participate in. Scan your tuna barcode now!

Boats and Captains

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Our Captains are the first and most important part of the chain of custody in getting high quality seafood to our customers. We greatly value the effort and hard work that goes into catching the seafood we sell. We are dependent on our fishermen to provide us with continuous supply. Our successes are inextricably linked.



At 7 Seas we are all about great seafood, sustainably sourced. We love selling seafood and we do it well. You can find our seafood at our 7 Seas fish markets, at any one of the many fine restaurants we supply and in several of the large retail chain stores across Canada. We  have challenged ourselves to be the best in the business and we continually strive towards this.  Since seafood has so many health benefits and tastes so good, we want everyone to be able to enjoy ours.

We are  proud of the business we have built and continue to build. We will do everything we can to make sure our customers are more than satisfied with our product and service.

One of our greatest assets is our employees. They are engaged in doing the best and going that extra mile for the customer. Passion and pride are infectious and we see it here all the time. We try to provide them with the information and seafood education they need to get the word out there about our seafood. Our employees want to contribute to our ongoing success and  help make it possible.
Seafood is in our blood. Founded in the 1967 by John Heras, 7 Seas is still managed by the Heras family and the passion runs from the order pickers on the floor right to upper management and back down again. We love seafood and we want to share our enthusiasm with everyone.