Fishing Locations

Sustainable seafood is fish or shellfish that are caught or farmed with consideration for the future of our ocean resources.

Sustainability is a major concern at 7 Seas and we continue to identify and offer sustainable products that are attractive to consumers while supporting healthier oceans. By doing this, we can preserve seafood for future generations. We are engaged and active with interest groups such as: Ocean Wise, Sea Choice, and MSC, all of whom are associated with sustainability and education.

In addition to sustainability, products need to be completely traceable back to their source to ensure they are sustainable. Since 7 Seas often works directly with suppliers all over the world, we can confidently determine whether or not the seafood we are selling is having a positive effect on the environment because we’ve gone to the source and researched our suppliers.

Furthermore, we are continually working to implement and maintain innovative business and operational practices that will minimize our overall impact on the environment. We strive to find the most environmentally sound ways of doing things; from recycling water for thawing, recycling packaging whenever possible, moving to hybrid vehicles  and finding the most efficient routing systems for our delivery trucks. We want to be part of the global solution!