Wild BC Spot Prawns: Don’t Miss out!

Wild BC spot prawn season is upon us! The much anticipated fishing season began on May 3rd, 2012 and is expected to last for a number of weeks. Make sure you don’t miss out! Food service customers please place orders with your rep. Retail customers, visit a 7seas retail location nearest you.

What is it about these spot prawns that make it so popular? These prawns are wild, fresh, local and sustainable.

Wild BC spot prawns are a great catch. Along with GREEN Ocean Wise rating, these prawns as listed as a BEST CHOICE with SeaChoice and Seafood Watch.
The fishery is kept sustainable by enforcing catch and trap limits through monitoring programs, limiting the number of licenses and the number of traps per license, having license holders funding scientific research, and restricting the fishery to trap gear . For more, visit the Wild BC Spot Prawn fishery’s website.

How to prepare? Find 12 great spot prawn recipes from Vancouver’s top chefs here.

Another Spot prawn recipe from our friends at BC Seafood (bcseafood.ca) here.