Exclusive to 7 Seas: First 2013 Copper River Sockeye in Vancouver

The first fresh sockeye salmon of the 2013 season is here. 7 Seas is proud to be the first in Vancouver to have world renowned Copper River sockeye available now. This fish was still in the water a day and a half ago.

Why all the fuss? What makes this fish world famous? Copper River Sockeye Salmon is caught in the waters of the Copper River Delta near the town of Cordova, Alaska. The river is a long river, forcing the Copper River Salmon to store large amounts of fat in order survive their long journey to the spawning grounds. It is this fat that gives the fish its rich flavour and it is the fat that is high in omega-3 oils making Copper River Sockeye Salmon a healthy addition to any diet.

Food service customers contact your reps or call us at 604-247-1266 for pricing and availability. Retail customers please visit a 7 Seas retail market nearest you. For 7 Seas market locations and store hours click here.

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