Supply Chain

At 7 Seas we have access to some of the best seafood in the world. We have achieved this by developing an established network of suppliers that meet our high expectations through the following methods:

  • Premium Vendor Lists-over the last 43 years we have developed the best supply connections in the industry because we treat our suppliers fairly. This means we have an excellent reputation that gets us top quality seafood, preferred pricing, and product even when the market is tight.
  • High Expectations-we take pride in providing our customers with the best seafood we can find so it makes sense to partner with suppliers that feel the same way we do. We have developed a rating system for all our suppliers based on quality, supply, service and price to ensure we are always dealing with the best supplier to receive the best product.
  • Proactive Sourcing-rather than waiting for vendors to approach us with emerging products, we actively search for them. We travel the globe so that we can build face-to-face relationships with suppliers and find leading edge, quality seafood like our Ocean Wise Hand-Line Caught Ahi Tuna from the Philippines, Ocean Wise Baja Scallops, Ocean Wise Farmed Belize Prawns and Wild-Caught Mexican White Prawns.
  • Specialized Purchasing and Processing Strategies-at Seven Seas we strive to deliver the freshest seafood available to our customers. Rather than bringing in large amounts of seafood, we order only what we need and rotate our inventory quickly. This makes our job of sourcing more challenging, but our customers can see and taste the difference in the freshness of our products.