Our procurement team is always looking for sustainable, high quality and environmentally friendly seafood. We have built a reputation for being leaders in sourcing and promoting the best choices.

One of our initiatives has been to cease in selling traditionally farmed prawns to our retail customers. This is due to a combination of the devastation these prawns can have on the mangrove areas where the farms are set up and the chemicals that are present in the prawns that people continue to blindly consume. So, instead we only carry Artesinal, Hand Pulled, All-Natural Mexican White Prawns and Ocean Wise approved Belize Farmed Prawns (close containment and chemical free). Both of these prawns have superior flavor and performance over the traditional prawns you will find in the market.

Our Promise

To always source and promote the best choices of seafood

To educate and inform our customers about  the best choices

To supply the best of the “7  Seas”

To be open, honest and transparent….always

To be part of the solution